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The Winter Dance Party Murders

“The Winter Dance Party Murders is a sharp-witted, comedic, often sardonic expose’ of the backdoor nature of the music business and how it uses and abuses its starry-eyed wannabes and icons. Herriges has given us a verbal whirlwind--rich, deep and wide and endlessly imaginative. A unique, incomparable read.”

- Duff Brenna, AWP Award Winner Best Novel The Book of Mamie

“A witty and wild reimagining of rock and roll history.  Dare I say that Greg Herriges rocks?”  -TC Boyle

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The Winter Dance Party Murder Book

JD: A Memoir of a Time and a Journey

In the mid-1970s, hiding out for nearly a decade, J.D. Salinger was already a literary legend, the lost leader and vanished wise man of millions of readers around the world, from the USA to the USSR. An unreachable hero. Or was he? Enter inner-city teacher Greg Herriges, determined to fulfill his dream of meeting and speaking with the reclusive author. Herriges’s tale is a double helix narrative of personal quest and romantic love as he and his former girlfriend, both young, big city high school teachers, hit the road one summer Kerouac-style on a mission to find the hidden giant, discovering America and themselves—along the way.

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Wordcraft of Oregon

JD: A Memoir of a Time and a Journey, by Greg Herriges

A Song of Innocence

A compelling look at the vagaries of family dynamics and the austere realities of human biology, Herriges chronicles the lonely journey of one man’s soul as he attempts to keep alive love, hope, and desire in the face of almost certain defeat on all fronts. Ultimately, the question of whether there is an afterlife becomes secondary to his daughter’s transcendent and resolute discovery that “There is no death.” Available soon at, iBookstore, Sony, Kobo and all ebook dealers.  

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Shrewdly written, its style rich but minimal without being minimalist, its language bursting with street-smart wisdom, Streethearts puts us on the inside track of what it really means to be an inner-city educator trying not only to teach but to survive what is an increasingly menacing world loaded with poverty, misery and violence.   The book is a triumph and should be required reading for anyone who thinks he has the answers as to why so many of America’s schools are failing.   -- Duff Brenna, author of Murdering the Mom

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Lennon and Me
It's 1964, the height of Beatlemania, and 13-year-old Jamie Presto (true to his name) pulls a rabbit out of a hat by striking up a pen-pal friendship with none other than John Lennon! Find out the whole story for yourself by purchasing this eBook today.

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The Bay of Marseilles & Other Stories
This print book shares the stories that were born of individuals, fleeting glimpses, and memories that are seemingly unbound by any linear reason, but come together as a powerful collection about desire, loss, isolation, redemption, and the power of love.

Some of these stories are new, appearing for the first time in print; others were published before on either side of the Atlantic, but all of them are evidence of Greg Herrige's imaginative vision and the distinctive richness of his voice. These stories are sure to make you remember the breaking and mending of your own heart.

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