Nominated Twice for the Pushcart Prize


Professional Author

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Enjoy entertaining and exciting fictional novels from our professional author. is the home to the author Greg Herriges. Greg's cutting-edge, hip, and contemporary writing style has landed him on the nomination lists for several literary awards.

Writing as a Profession

Greg Herriges began writing professionally in his twenties.  His investigative report on gangs, entitled "Inherit the Streets" was published by the Chicago Tribune Magazine.

It was a gripping account of real life experiences of gang members and the communities they inhabit.

After a meeting with author J.D. Salinger at his home in Cornish, New Hampshire, Greg decided to turn almost exclusively to fiction writing.

Greg is now an author of novels, short stories, and articles, as well as a series of literary DVD documentaries, including "Thomas E. Kennedy: Copenhagen Quartet" and the award-winning "TC Boyle: The Art of the Story."

Short Works
Currently a professor of English at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, Greg's short works have appeared in a variety of different publications, including Story Quarterly, South Carolina Review, The Literary Review, the Encyclopedia of Beat Literature, and Great Britain's Popular Music & Society.

Novels and Books
Greg Herriges has written 6 novels, a memoir and a collection of short stories.  From a quirky, post-modern story about John Lennon and a fan, to gritty descriptions of street life, Herriges weaves stories both humorous and tragic, each with its own distinctive imaginative intensity.  Check out his latest novels and story collection, Streethearts, Lennon and Me, The Bay of Marseilles and Other Stories, and his brand new republication of The Winter Dance Party Murders, by Serving House Books.